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Merging Of Pop, Rock And Classics

Classic strides in moving the meeting pop. Recently, one can observe that many musicians have overplayed their 'songs' with classical orchestras. It is worth noting that the fun is not cheap. Although possible that the current treatment of many musicians to the symphony is an attempt to eat something now, and the viewer has the […]

Is Already At The End Of The 3D-Kinowahn?

Kill the young medium Hollywood with cheap 3D conversions? Since the groundbreaking success of avatar – Aufbruch Pandora is no longer think away 3D in the cinema. Now we report on Moviejones.de almost every upcoming movie at least once about the possibility of a 3D-realisation. This affects not only large-scale productions such as Harry Potter […]

Geraldine Olivier, Mark Bender And Kerstin Merlin In The Star Talk

Radio VHR – stars & stories in the current issue of the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz on radio VHR are Merlin to guest in the interview Geraldine Olivier, mark Bender and Kerstin. Geraldine Olivier the sympathetic singer from the Switzerland has experienced much in the last 15 years. Their lives […]

Jorg Schmitz Newcomer: Singer/songwriters

With his first solo album ‘ his mind games and stories of the everyday starting Originalversion?Battle against the forces of complexity. To write songs for me is like a soul therapy. “Others go to the psychologist? or psychotherapists I write songs!” The texts tell of dreams burst, social imbalances, sad girl and great moments of […]

Berlin Film Premiere

The children fairy baby sitters provide at the premiere of the movie “Parents” child care the new comedy directed by Robert Thalheim is ‘modern’ family and how these masters the partially unbridgeable divide between work and childcare or just not even masters of the. In the film, Papa Konrad guards the daughter at home and […]

Europe Chocolate

Party guests can gain flying in a private jet once more launches under the motto ‘The Finest of House, Electro & r’n ‘ B’ on May 01, 2010 from 22:00 the fourth edition of the event series “Chocolate Kiss”. After the departure of the Cologne Opera terraces, the party series with the cloud Castle has […]

Christmas Eve Film

With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film fans this year for Christmas. Every year again the German television channel to a firework of blockbusters groundswell, so as nobody zaps to the next station and there maybe discovered an even more exciting program. With the online video recorder miss no blockbuster Save.TV film […]

You Feel Vanessa N. – Pulse

You can feel the new single by Vanessa Neigert – Vanessa Neigert pulse ignites the Turbo of your singing career with your new single “Do you feel the pulse”. If you think Vanessa would stroll in the petticoat on the stages of your life, made a mistake greatly. It is also different: less oldie of […]