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Antecedents Of Psychology

Antecedents History begins the s. IV a.C with Aristotle (384 – 322 a.C.). It was born in Estargia, to the north of Greece. Aristotle in Athens took care to study and to explain logic, epistemology, physics, Biology, political and aesthetic ethics. He was the first philosopher of science. He created the discipline when analyzing certain […]

The Ethical Code Of The Psychologist

Ethical code psychologist the ethical code of the psychologist is applied to all the psychologists who exert the profession of psychology in Mexico, are or nonmember of the Mexican Society of Psychology. Ethical norms that appear in the ethical code of the psychologist apply to psychologists men and women, to whom the psychologist will denominate […]

Statistical Distribution

The international norm of 1965 for precision sound level meters was based on the Model 2203 that (with improvements throughout its walking) was continued making during 21 years. With the royalty From its humble presentation of 1960, Model 2203 was ascending to mixing itself with the high society. In this photography of 1970, the Dr. […]