The Art Of Franchising

Franchising is a business network which was created by many business owners working together. Poe example, suppose that for years we have a hamburger business in the area which has a very good reputation for the care we provide merchandise and one day to one hundred meters of our establishment is open for McDonalds, I think it is very easy to imagine that we happen to go bankrupt soon more than our burgers are excellent. Since the beginning of any new franchise business is not of much value until they acquire more franchises, or the conclusion that John Wayne loses to business networks. Type of business networking. In the seventies began a new kind of business networking, now known as red.Este marketing type of business instead of being a network of businesses which form a franchise, is a franchised network of individuals. This is what we generally say a personal franchise. This type of business was widely criticized and now also, but every day more and more people involved in the mundo.Una of the reasons why few see the tremendous growth of network marketing is because what we call a business invisible.La difference is that traditional franchises have a large advertising signs as Mc Donalds, however the network marketing franchises build their teams from private homes or small oficinas.Tambien is fully tested there successful franchise network marketing to earn much more money than traditional franchises.

Big Business = business network marketing to investigate If we can see that there are many products marketed through network marketing, telephony, cosmetics, clothes, vitamins, etc. But from my point of view I saw something surprising is how large corporations have business operations in network marketing, such as Citibank, AOL Time, Coca Cola, etc. The advantage of network marketing is that it made available to any individual the power of Metcalfe's law, if one follows the law and we have joined a network marketing company is beginning to harness the power of this law have to duplicate someone like us, but back to the example of principle would be like having a single phone. In a network marketing business is to double our work for someone like us. When our economic value are two-fold increase in the square and two sucesivamente.Con so the value of our network increases from zero to four, if we are three value increased from four to nueve.El value of our marketing network begins to grow exponentially.

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