The Master Key System By Charles F. Haanel

Great master key lecture tour in September 2008 through Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The speakers are gloss, Helmar Rudolph and Franz with their German translation the knowledge of the master key’s German-speaking countries for the first time also made accessible. The presentations of both translator and editor of the German version allow each to chance of finding the key to more success in all areas of life in Tango and informative manner. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. About the book: it is an unusual story stood at the beginning of “the secret” – “The secret”. This film of the Australian Rhonda Byrne, which was around the world in a very short time bestseller, followed the book.

The secret “is based in large part on Charles Haanels”master key system”from 1912. This book, which has long been available in Germany not, there since May 2007 in German – from the original gloss translated with the first German translation by Helmar Rudolph and Franz, the knowledge of the master key’s also speaking made accessible. The master key is aimed at people who are want to make their lives themselves rather than by external circumstances or other people determine it. It is the basis for all personal, business, health and interpersonal success. The master key – to German “universal key” – is life what is the license for the transport: a right to reside in a complex and constantly changing system and maintain and to meet needs, who would have remained just a dream without this qualification.

Charles Haanel provides us with a handy exercise guide which is also suitable for those, dealing for the first time ever with the power of thought and the power of their minds the knowledge. The special feature of the doctrine is that she has to do not only with us, with any new philosophy, religion or creed. Here logical-rational knowledge is conveyed and internalized by the exercises – a perfect Balance! The presenter and editor of the book: Helmar Rudolph is an independent consultant in the area of customer relationship management with emphasis on ethical marketing since 1993. His clientele is international, where he has made a name as a CRM Conference spokesman. His interest in alternative products and ways of thinking has brought him to the master key system. Helmar lives alternately in Luchow, Niedersachsen, and Cape Town, South Africa. Franz luster, resident in Unterwossen, Germany, Bavaria, deals with holistic concepts for many years. With products for the physical treatment of potable and industrial water, it operated nationwide customers who attach importance to effective natural solutions for your well-being. His experience and training in the field of motivation and spirit teachings, as well as the Superlearnings through complementary products in the overall project and help you get started in Haanels teaching to serious prospective customers. Some dates of the next lectures & workshops: 8.09., Berlin/Potsdam today, Dresden 13.09., Wiesbaden 15.09,. 17.09., Wurzburg 18.09, Vienna 20.09 23.09., Graz 24.09, Innsbruck 26, 27.09 Zurich, Bern September 28, 2008 a free excerpt and listen to sample, as well as learn more about the products available, as well as the lectures you will find on the website.

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