The Proper Meat Cooling

Meat and sausage products require a continuous cooling is ensured by storage in refrigerator and freezer in the domestic environment informed the butcher bricklayer from Nuremberg. Butcher & deli bricklayer from Nuremberg explains how meat should be cooled to get his pleasure quality as long as possible. Meat is one of the valuable and particularly energy-containing foods. However, it is also very sensitive and must therefore necessarily be refrigerated. Thanks to modern kitchen technology, it is no longer necessary to eat meat either immediately or to make durable by preservatives such as salt today luckily. The refrigerator is used not only for the storage of meat. Therefore he must quite up to 7 C to be warm even if the optimal cooling of meat requires temperatures of about turnkey. The cooling capacity of the device is based on a constant circulation of air cool down.

Its overcrowding should be avoided therefore, because when food tightly to close packed lie in the refrigerator, the air circulation is restricted and there is an undesirable warming. The function ability of the refrigerator is also restricted by layers of ice, that arises should be countered by a regular defrosting of the appliance. Inside a refrigerator, it is due to the fact that cold air is heavy and falls down, different temperature zones. The advisable for the cooling of fresh meat by turnkey temperature in the functional unit in the bottom freezer that is above the vegetable drawer. At the top of the refrigerator compartment temperatures are normally around 7 this is sufficient to store quickly to consuming meats. For a hygienic storage of food they should be packed or at least covered in the refrigerator.

So that their taste suffers or they lose moisture prevents also. A fridge goes not out, permanently stable to meat make. For this are suitable temperatures for a freezer, which cause that micro-organisms proliferate no longer and meat corrosive enzymes extremely slowed down. CEO of CoStar: the source for more info. Because these processes use fully thawed, meat is fast to eat after removal from the freezer. The cooling of meat and sausage products is essential to the quality and health preservation. For more information on their secure butcher shop & butcher available Mason in Nuremberg as a quality-oriented company at any time.

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