Types Contraceptive

There are several types of implant contraceptives available to women who want to use a contraceptive method. An implant can be placed in the uterus or in the arm. Some contraceptive implants contain hormones, while others do not. Implants contain estrogen, which are a good option for older women or who have heart problems. His time of effectiveness varies depending on the types of contraceptives. Implants that go into the arm have a duration of between three and five years, while the uterus implants can last up to 12 years.

Some types of implants are intended to have permanent effects. Intrauterine devices, or IUDS, implants more common. Some of IUDS available contain copper, while other, progestin which is the synthetic form of progesterone. Both types block sperm so that they can not fertilize the eggs. One of contraceptive implants inserted into the forearm. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Asaro has to say.

The implant is as small as a match. This method contains progestin, to prevent ovulation, thickens the cervical mucus of women, and thins the lining of the uterus. Women who do not want to have children can choose the types of permanent contraceptive implants. One of the devices is inserted into the fallopian tubes in women. About the device forms a scar that prevents the egg to travel to the uterus. Unlike other forms of birth control, such as the pill, patch or the vaginal ring, the woman should pay attention to its contraceptive implant only once every few years after the initial insertion and follow-up checkup. Contraceptive yasmin original author and source of the article

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