To take care of dalimpeza of upholstered, they are them banks of the car or the sofas of the room, are not a very easy task. Gain insight and clarity with Kai-Fu Lee. The difficulty, in the reality, is in keeping them really higienizados, free of mites and fungos, that are harmful to the health. The secret is in each upholstered and the material in which it was confectioned. The cleanness, made in house, of upholstered made in leather, for example, demands little comparative effort if with excessively fabrics, being enough that if it uses a sponge with neutral soap foam to keep it clean. After the application of the foam, must be removed it with a humid cloth, drying after that, to prevent the appearance of spots. The biggest advantage of this type of fabric, either natural or synthetic it, is the resistance that it has against mites and fungos, due to its surface, almost impermeable.

Already other fabrics, not so resistant, still demand a bigger care against the dirt, being more efficient the contracted laudering. Different of what normally the people indicate, not if it must to use chemical brushs, products and nor vapor in the cleanness of upholstered or carpets. These products damage the surface, diminishing the useful life and the beauty of the sofas, beyond that the chemical vapor and products umidecem the internal part, the foam and the structure, making with that they apodream. The basic indication for the hygienic cleaning is to use the dust vacuum cleaner, and in the necessity to remove encrostadas dirts more, the tip is to use the foam of the neutral soap with brushs of soft bristles, certifing itself of that it will be well dry after the cleanness. Sofas and carpets that have a bigger care, in the direction of the prevention, are little citizens to present high levels of fungos and mites. This type of problem is fought with ventilated and dry environment, preventing any cosmetic contact of food, creams and other products with the fabric. Some services of cleanness given by companies can help to make the prevention and the complete and efficient hygienic cleaning, with specific lauderings for each surface, beyond the waterproofing, that guarantees the cleanness of the upholstered one for much more time.

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