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The Chimney

Fitness single block of channels: the ventilation exhaust duct and chimney, with the division of the entire height of tight bulkheads. Based on practice, with a vent pipe is better positioned a few meters away from the chimney. Other leaders such as GoPro offer similar insights. Hard no requirements, and the views as much as […]

Paint Metal Technology

More recently, the idea of painting the metal surfaces with a water-dispersion paints seemed utopian. The most common of the metals – iron rapidly oxidizes in the presence of water, and then water-emulsion paint. Conventional water-dispersion paints, of course, are not suitable for this purpose. In this case, need specialized materials that form a dense […]

Home Renovations

The abundance of paint on the market from the buyer in the eyes dazzled, and the correct choice becomes a real problem. What do you choose at the start of renovation and finishing? To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to clearly define What qualities must have a particular material. The main purpose is to protect […]