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Digital LCD Screen LCD

Notebook reports that the battery is charged 100% more, about 20% Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) the battery may be under the effect of memory, the program reports on false charges and cause the battery to stop estantaneos laptop, the battery should be re-influence the memory or replace 7. Laptop league boots, […]

Data Recovery

Many PC users are wondering: How could still recover your data after accidental deletion or formatting the hard drive after or stick. This article describes how to restore the desired information. So. Sometimes it is that I had accidentally delete any file or document you want, but it is very necessary. In order to restore […]

Online Games

At the same time for the same $ 100, we get as a gift: the removal of an advertising banner, the ability to add e-mail form files (very convenient when the user can not add your own design through a standard form), and second-level domain (. RU, if the service will pay for one year). […]

How To Choose Free Antivirus

If you have a limited budget, free anti-virus may be your best solution. Some antivirus software specially released free versions of antivirus software for home use. However, many users the question arises how to choose the best free anti-virus protection for your computer? To date, there are so many free antivirus software from various companies. […]