Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Insurance Intermediaries

The experience you have and the theories of marketing aim to highlight the importance of maintaining permanent contact with your client, but this contact must add value to the existing relationship, each client must be treated in a differential way only what you know as his Adviser and confidant, call or visit without apparent reason […]

Sociology Science

Lately its contributions they extend to the learning, perception, personality, emotions, qualification, motivating effectiveness of the leadership, needs and, labor satisfaction, processes of decision making, evaluations of the performance, measurement of attitudes, techniques of selection of employees, design of the work and labor stress. Sociology Science that studies to the people in relation to its […]

Theological Sciences

Another fact that if it evidenced in this period was the appearance of some leaders religious, as many how much protestant catholics, in the medias, using itself of its institucional images and influences, almost that deflagrando one ' ' cruzada' ' politician-partisan against the political party of such candidate. But, they had not only tried […]

New Times For Science

Barack Obama has opened a new door for science religion or ideology is not hidden behind that. With the signing of a memorandum authorizing public financing for embryonic stem cell research, the new President of the United States has put an end to a ban that prevented the scientific advance in a field with tremendous […]

Ecological Conscience

The ecological conscience is only developed with health if to receive affectionate treatment in day-by-day. The question, of the environment, also is in mago of the philosophical reflection not only because it is a current question, nor because it says respect to all the people, but because it is a question human being. It’s believed […]

Create Social Conscience

The globalization of information and communication is an irrefutable fact. This has enabled us to learn from experiences of tada nature in other areas. Share them, discuss them and even more, we have dared to propose solutions of problems which we understand common.Such is the particular aspect of multifactorial violence experienced in everyday traffic.The system […]

Traditional Science

Secure traditional science which, with this distribution, your body has all the nutrients you need and that food supplements, another mistake are not necessary. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. There are currently something like two streams of research: one is the traditional continues saying there is no change nothing all […]