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The new articulated arm awning markilux 1700 with beautiful curved appearance, with or without protective cassette. Soft flowing contours are ever more popular with furniture. You radiate peace and harmony. This concept picks up well a new terrace awning, the markilux 1700. Its perfect design shows harmonious forms that playfully mesh flow and please the […]

ORDER Holder Made Of Unusual Material Mix

It is a hallmark of design by Jurgen Schulze materials from unusual creatively reinterpreted mostly industrial technical context to upscale goods. In recent months, Mashable has been very successful. So the series of LOOOP follows after the “pillow light” LED lights and the design plus object “light club” from the years 2000-2002 now. LOOOP is […]

Use Of Lawn Care Equipment: Avoid Long-term Lawn Mower Injuries

Thanks to Robomow lawn mowers include back pain and muscle injuries of the past when the use of lawn mowers may be an increased risk of injury. Due to the sharp blades that rotate at high speed, the greatest risk represents a wound, caused by contact with the rotor blades, as well as the possibility […]

Accessories For Local Ambience

In times of recession, it is not uncommon that people pay more attention to their private Habitat the domestic environment right represents the most important habitat for many people. Assume that even if they work elsewhere, reading elsewhere or elsewhere. Being at home means reflect among other things, to see his identity. That’s why the […]