Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Gummed Envelopes

With the passing of time constant both social and technological renovation has been overshadowing some elements that have given an important direction to history, we are specifically talking about that today is still used but is increasingly being replaced by the Internet more. So in this article show how important the envelopes have been historically. […]


The organization has a continuing nature and hence the impossibility of obtenera completed and only a definition but it will be subject to the continuing processes of transformation of organizations and social systems, economic and cultural in which they are embedded. Different types of anchorage: In hierarchical, for-profit enterprise. Associations-groups with various interests. is […]


We often have the feeling of having worked intensively during the workday and however the results are not very satisfactory, this is due to the human being seeks to make things easy, instead of facing the problems and really important decisions of the company. We spent all day making 80% of things that just produce […]

Burglar Alarms

Especially in big cities every night it happenes. intruder break in in the middle of the night the front door and go with the property of the owner. In particularly bad cases, even attacked the residents and injured. Because prevent any occupants of that fate would necessarily increase the need for security doors and security […]