Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Construction Technologies

Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded metal sheet (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But technology does not […]

Qualitative Dismantling And Demolition Of Buildings In Cramped Conditions !

"What we should build a house? Draw – we shall live! "Easy to say, but it's much harder to implement. Today, building market is expanding as never before. There is a demand, and there is a suggestion. But if one were all just construct, it is easier than ever. There is land, materials, labor and […]

Modular Houses

Attic and terraces have always been a fixture of country estates. But in recent years in fashion include winter gardens. There are new architectural solutions: large-scale window openings with panoramic windows, creating the effect of volume, portal – a parallel-glazed sliding design. For all of these elements requires non-standard windows. Here, pvc – out of […]