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Create Social Conscience

The globalization of information and communication is an irrefutable fact. This has enabled us to learn from experiences of tada nature in other areas. Share them, discuss them and even more, we have dared to propose solutions of problems which we understand common.Such is the particular aspect of multifactorial violence experienced in everyday traffic.The system […]

Coco Chanel

Since the woman has reached career heights, perhaps one of her deepest wishes to always have succeed. Therefore, you can donate a sculpture symbolizing the goddess of success or success – a sculpture of a lioness. This gift is the symbol will always display the achievements of women and further victories. Can to dream up […]

Lifestyle Maintanence

The Canadian Journal Les Affaires reported in September 2006 that pension funds are insufficient. And that other factors play against the pension funds? Well here a list of them: Not all governments updated inflation index or funds to do so partially, which means that the purchasing power of your fund will decrease. The Latin American […]