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Modern Age

Intellectual knowledge: Breaking up of this antagonism between reason experience, the intelectualismo appears (intelligere, intus + legere = to read in the interior), admitting both as source of knowledge, that is, the reason and the experience in the production of the knowledge. While for the rationalism concepts they are innate and for the empirismo these […]

The Modern Man

The narrator and the author, are not capable to answer with precision to the personage on who it are: ' ' to the conscience all-absorbent of the personage the author can oppose only one objective world? the world of other isnomas consciences ela.' ' (BAKHTIN, 1997, P. 49). The Modern Man, trusts itself exactly and […]

Liquid Modernity

It is certain to affirm that nor always new generations appear, therefore, one ' ' (…) new style of generation can appear each year, each thirty, each one hundred years. ' ' This ' ' (…) it depends entirely on the desencadeadora action of the social and cultural process. ' ' (they idem) As this […]

One Gets Loose Of The Belief Of The Errors And Rightnesss

When we hear to speak for the first time in personal evolution, immediately we are intent to search one more meaning come back toward our experience. When we take the knowledge of that it is yes possible to sairmos of our current condition to walk for a condition which we find to be the ideal […]

Statistical Distribution

The international norm of 1965 for precision sound level meters was based on the Model 2203 that (with improvements throughout its walking) was continued making during 21 years. With the royalty From its humble presentation of 1960, Model 2203 was ascending to mixing itself with the high society. In this photography of 1970, the Dr. […]