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Professional Wedding Photographer

1) Do not leave a friend or relative take pictures of your wedding. Even if your friend has a great "soapbox". Even if he considers himself a professional photographer and it has a professional camera, but Actually it is not working photographer. To the registrar and the Wedding Palace are usually dark, zashtoreny windows, artificial […]

Earth Sciences

A special with great influence on the philosophy of this period importance above all literary-oriented educational movement of Renaissance humanism. > Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was a German philosopher of the enlightenment. Kant is one of the most important representatives Western philosophy. His critique of pure reason marks a turning point in the history of philosophy […]

Science Communication

Prof. Dr. Katrin Doveling, Department of communication studies III of the TU Dresden from 2009-2013, designed new research: Science in the network of Dresden, 27.06.2013: In the age of the Internet, the world moves increasingly closer distances be overcome and others explored, melt the boundaries between producers and consumers of information. The Web offers diverse […]

United States

What professional support can provide for your English trade publication science speaks English, also in Germany. Although German scientist have good knowledge of English, the use of English science editorial can offer advantages. The structures of German and English are indeed different, so sometimes only a native English speaker knows, as a situation more concisely […]

Great Science Fiction

The innocuous-sounding title In the year of the great mother a fictitious diary with explosive theses about a not-so-distant future, which can be summarised in a few sentences behind: after a female revolution Germany, or what’s left of him, dominated at the end of the 21st century by a dictator, the great mother. It has […]

Kalliopi Tsatsaronis

The course offered for the first time in 2011 is April 2013 in the second round. Now interested again have the opportunity, the first to register for semester, which starts on April 20. The programme comprises a total of three semesters and runs until September 2014. The course teaches a new understanding of life with […]

Biochemistry Harper

The most important discovery of the last 50 or 100 years, in the opinion of this humble author. Here are the reasons: the history of Ambrotose, sometimes mal-pronunciado ambertose, begins with the Aloe Vera. In the 80 s Dr. Bill McAnalley a young researcher, avoco to identify the active component of Aloe Vera. After many […]

Technological Evolution

The Dignity Human being Front to the Technological Evolution In the current days, the adventos of the modern life result in a certain comprometimento of the privacy, as well as of the dignity of the person human being. Namely, the technological evolution brought obtains a vast gamma of benefits to the humanity, on the other […]


Women's fate like sports. First, we train, train, learn wrestling moves, and then leave to start. Aim to catch up with their happiness. Not everyone is successful. The forces initially unequal. After all, since, as sang a song about that "ten girls on Statistics nine guys," the situation has not improved. Perhaps even the contrary. […]

Social Evolution

Since I viewed pop, I analyze the career of man, of the Company as a process of continuous change in broad terms we can visualize the stages outlined below (they are described from the Marxist anthropological nuance, because then we’ll talk the concept of identity in the postmodern world of work A rudimentary first stage […]