Women's fate like sports. First, we train, train, learn wrestling moves, and then leave to start. Aim to catch up with their happiness. Not everyone is successful. The forces initially unequal. After all, since, as sang a song about that "ten girls on Statistics nine guys," the situation has not improved. Perhaps even the contrary. And after thirty the number of "children" in general tends to zero.

Therefore not surprising that when you can finally catch up and wrap around its "half", she observed, "dowry" as an ex-wife (and sometimes no one), and children. What should I do? How to behave in such a situation? It's past not from the opera, which can be perelistnut and forgotten as a nightmare. It breaks into your present in the form of diseases of children, child support, "Sunday fathers," calls his ex-wife. On the "what-shirt," you play, what tactics will select depends on your future. Red T-shirt ban.

If you're in the red, it means that you will not tolerate any mention of the "former" and "those" kids. Any talk about the past come to an end in scandal. Husband forced to address issues with children and the "former" independently. In other words, you are forcing him to hide and lie. Needless to say, "red shirt" will finish very soon. And that will finish in divorce. After all, your pious just escaped from the "former" does not that you were getting it asserted and imposed guilt. Pros: Marriage is Jolly. Cons: The marriage will not last long.

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