Social Evolution

Since I viewed pop, I analyze the career of man, of the Company as a process of continuous change in broad terms we can visualize the stages outlined below (they are described from the Marxist anthropological nuance, because then we’ll talk the concept of identity in the postmodern world of work A rudimentary first stage production in which people live by hunting and fishing, animal husbandry, and in its advanced stage, agriculture, the structure, being at this stage Familiae a The principal as a social structure. Then with the development of the distinctions between managers appears esclavituda a . In a second stage dominated the formation of cities. At first the land and the slaves have in common this stage is the development of the city-state. In a third stage known feudal property. The feudal land is held collectively and cities, where workers are no longer slaves, but serfs that teachers’ unions, officials and merchants control the work of laborers and apprentices.

Turning in another fourth stage to the moderate bourgeois society. Society, organizational forms, in the ways of grouping and linking forms of communication has evolved. They have generated new forms of everyday life and organization of experience. The current world market reunification under the banner of capitalism, the demise of socialism and the development of an information revolution and in which media is the creation of a new dimension ciberespacioa a the mark the end of a historic step and can be considered the real basis of the so-called globalization.

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