Universal Science

God is Onisciente, Onipresente, Onipotente, Onidirigente of everything what he exists. It could not create predestinate Beings to the perpetual burrice. If the parents flesh times make question to teach its pupilos, the more God who is endowed with all Universal Science! Jesus and the Chair of feso you do not set of ambush, perverse, against the habitation of just, nor you devastate the place of its rest, because seven times will fall just and it will arise itself; but the perverse ones are thrown down by the calamity. Sayings of Salomo, CAP. 24:15 and 16. When the Human being enters In the Chair of feso, Of the o its great step In the immense space That is the Kingdom of God. In this Chair it learns That born in the kingdom Jesus Under the line of direction Of the proper God Who generates the children its In its Universal Science. In it, the Christ Jesus, Conserve in the right hand the seven stars, and the seven oil lamps, That illuminate All the Planet entirely Land.

He enters in it to learn That its initiation Is in action Since its creation. It is not fiction, But a rise That if loses in the millenia. Jesus knows its past, he leads But it with care To the arms of the Father Who grants to the Peace To all the Human beings. It teaches to return it with love To the first charity That is in the truth: To know itself.

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