Technological Evolution

The Dignity Human being Front to the Technological Evolution In the current days, the adventos of the modern life result in a certain comprometimento of the privacy, as well as of the dignity of the person human being. Namely, the technological evolution brought obtains a vast gamma of benefits to the humanity, on the other hand, generated an overwhelming phenomenon, of the other people’s life as spectacle. The social behavior comes if transforming in way such that this phenomenon becomes inevitable, mainly when ties into them to the technologies of the information as media of mass, come to be equalized to the television, that appeared in Brazil in the decade of 1950, with the Daily Associates of Assis Chateaubriand and with the Group Life Teams, as well as and to the Cinema, car-head of world-wide the cultural industry. As the cinematographic tram of the life of Truman, being foreseen in the clauses of the Contract between the parts, in air, the Exhibition of the other people’s life ' ' 24 horas' '. Through the Endemol, the Dutch John Demol, solidly, made of the format reality Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

next if it does not become stimulant for the trespasses of behavior in the social environment, as practical it Bullyng, for example, the influence it Cinema and of the TV in the human behavior she is fantastic when it obtains that the viewers disapprove desumanas attitudes, as in the scenes of combat to the violence and alert to the drugs in Troop of the Elite I and II and the Clone, as in the desumano behavior of the Vincius personage in Insensato Heart.

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