Biochemistry Harper

The most important discovery of the last 50 or 100 years, in the opinion of this humble author. Here are the reasons: the history of Ambrotose, sometimes mal-pronunciado ambertose, begins with the Aloe Vera. In the 80 s Dr. Bill McAnalley a young researcher, avoco to identify the active component of Aloe Vera. After many years, he discovered the functional component that is responsible for their good health promoting properties.

To his surprise, this active ingredient was a carbohydrate with many molecules of sugar manosas United with each other. He discovered that the Aloe Vera products would not be effective unless the carbohydrate molecule is stable and the development a special process, patented to maintain effectiveness. Today that substance is protected by more than 100 patents in multiple countries. The nutritional supplement was called Manapol. At the time of its writing, acquired Manapol rights and their patents. The use of Manapol genre a feedback so positive that it was even overwhelming.

The subsequent investigations revealed that carbohydrates that are found on the cell surface are involved when two or more living cells interact in a specific way. These codes from cellular surfaces transmit you to every other cell who are, what they do and also say whether or not they are healthy, all this through carbohydrates. This codified system is basic to human life, but in those years was unknown. In 1996, an edition of the Harper biochemistry, identify eight essential, necessary carbohydrates for the creation of the cell information transmission. Everything made sense when Dr. McAnalley saw mannose, the carbohydrate in Manapol, listed as one of the eight essential carbohydrates. Took note that the word glycoproteins was essential for the genetic code of the body and that cell to cell communication could literally have a crucial role in every form existing in the planet health. Given that only two of the eight carbohydrates identified in the publication Biochemistry Harper found in the modern diet, Dr.

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