Great Science Fiction

The innocuous-sounding title In the year of the great mother a fictitious diary with explosive theses about a not-so-distant future, which can be summarised in a few sentences behind: after a female revolution Germany, or what’s left of him, dominated at the end of the 21st century by a dictator, the great mother. It has the political power and is used as a biological source for both cloned offspring. Euthanasia, organ transplantation, and mind control used without hesitation, a pompous cult of the leader drives strange flowers, men are driven into exile, living in the underground or have a barely tolerated, Spartan life than castrated males. Author of the unusual and imaginative novel is also known as the living in Northern Germany doctor Dr. Uwe Niemann Clemens Alsleben, literature so far not happened yet in appearance.

The novel in diary form is a political future parable, who paints with some effort of imagination, how a society changes If certain moral, social and political convictions gradually lose value. Three theses carry this Book: 1 the impairment occurs gradually and is barely noticed by most people. The individual becomes an object, to the carrier of the life as an unspectacular biochemical process, to the carrier of genes that may be manipulated to the carrier by institutions, which are required for recipients and subject to the rules of supply and demand. (Consider only the Gottinger organ trafficking.) Ultimately allowed even human experiments or the removal of all groups who have no biological value, and are not perceived as a moral catastrophe. 2. Exhausted, childless society, who no longer believe in themselves and their values, opposes no more resistance to a political radicalization. A still so crude ideology will be to the national interest, which in the present book variation on the famous Clausewitz quote the policy to continue the biology with other Means”is.

Consciously I have as an author in the contrast to the 20th century on the return of the Lord with the black moustache waived and a no less monstrous and unscrupulous dictator created, Alexandra III, the great mother, which should embody the equality of evil as an expression of perfect emancipation. 3. The bleak future forecast has a brilliant counterweight in the fictional diarist Clemens Alsleben. He is also bisexual a slightly seedy figure, former Gigolo, journalist, then hired a euthanasia authority, which owes its survival of an earlier affair with the great mother. With unbestechlichem views and laconic tone he describes his experiences in close to Alexandra Court, the Byzantine ritual with a pompous State visit by Branislava, the head of Government of Balkanien or his vacation residence”Alexandra Mountain House, which is being threatened by local aborigines as a fortress. He entrusted his diary to his Spartan life, surrounded by old men, the slowly die away or be picked, and his last, almost platonic love affair. His naive humane attitude will be misused by the Government when making it to the middleman for the extradition of a former Chancellor of the old Republic, and he retaliates by a little later, he accompanied a vulnerable boy on the arduous path to freedom through a disintegrating country. At the end of this trip, he leaves voluntarily from life because he has lost his home and continue would no longer exist in a foreign land. His diary but survived.

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