We often have the feeling of having worked intensively during the workday and however the results are not very satisfactory, this is due to the human being seeks to make things easy, instead of facing the problems and really important decisions of the company. We spent all day making 80% of things that just produce 20 percent of results. Usually this type of activity can be delegated, even many of them we can eliminate them. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. Focus on the most important activities, which require all his knowledge and experience; those activities in which his wit and preparation are tested, this way will be raising their productivity in an exponential way, this type of activity produces 80% of results giving greater productivity as a result, he will have the reward of having more time available to produce more or use it for yourself or your family. Before starting the work day make a list of activities that will develop, then divide them into four parts: delegates to the least important, which can remove and the very important. Start with the most important thing when you are finished follow with less important activities, then delegate everything possible and finally delete the activities that only remove time. It is easy to fall into the mirage of work hard all day in activities that are not productive.

It is difficult to start the day doing the most important activities because they require more knowledge, capacity and experience, however; If you focus on making this type of activity you get surprising results. As you know this technique of the 80/20 the development architect and Italian mathematician Pareto over 100 years ago and is still in effect, so are good concepts endure for many years. Takes into account this technique the next time you find yourself trapped in an activity where you feel that you do not advance.

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