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Solar Concept

Solar system: Financing, promotion and remuneration In the first moment can deter the high cost. Should your savings do not suffice, then applies for most to think about other funding opportunities. In photovoltaics, however, there is a silver bullet: the yields and feed-in tariff increase the monthly income and as such pays the solar system […]

Bioplastic Phones Pollute

Eco enthusiasm of the manufacturer enters the empty Berlin/Bonn / Vienna should be available for environmental protection: mobile phones with housings made of corn starch and potatoes are conquering the market. The magic word is\”Bio-plastics. But experts doubt according to a report of the newspaper the world \”the usefulness of the substance they deem the […]

Bio Must Be

HAWITA group from Vechta teaches new substrate line of gardeners and consumers on the origin should make use of organic substrates. Only when the Earth comes from regional production, bio at all makes sense. With this philosophy, the HAWITA brings group from Vechta a wide range with organic substrates on the market for the first […]

International Energy

“International networking is here in the foreground,” confirmed Rohm. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Viacom on most websites. If plants, machinery, components and technologies for maintenance and reactivation of existing the RENEXPO Austria covers the entire spectrum of the hydropower industry. A hydroelectric power Center with joint stand of the European associations of […]

Federal Environment Ministry

Up to 60 percent energy savings potential cooling systems / Federal Environment Ministry awarded innovation prize money of over 50,000 euros Berlin, December 6, 2010. 15 percent of the total electrical energy consumption in Germany are required for cooling and air conditioning. The over 120 million-German refrigeration systems emit every year about 70 million tons […]