All About The Security: Burglar Alarm, Intercom And DVR

Currently, the market of security systems is experiencing rapid growth, as the growing interest in the security business. Increasingly, people want to protect not only their housing but also offices and manufacturing plants. In each If the system is designed for a specific task involving experts integrators. Security of the complex include: security alarms, intercom, video surveillance, sound alarm, access control systems and other devices. Video surveillance system – is one or more cameras, monitors and recorders. Check with Marc Mathieu to learn more. Monitor for displaying information transmitted from kamerVideo recorder allows you to archive many months duration, and flexibility to plan tactics for the observation. Intercom system – is a system consisting of several blocks, key device and wiring. In its technical execution intercoms are divided into audiodomofony and video. Audiodomofon allows two-way voice communication with the subscriber’s visitor. Installed at the entrance door of the apartment intercom system, help to eliminate hacking attempts or robbery, thus improving the safety of occupants.

Equipment door intercom system eliminates the need to once again leave the house. Video phone – a system that performs the function of the negotiating unit and door peephole. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. Video phone has an intercom and monitor. Switch-videomofona carried out after removal of the handset. Also serves as a video phone call. In the case of intrusion into the protected zone, the alarm system sends an alarm to the control of and include the kicker. Alarm system, typically consists of a sensor, remote hub, which receives a signal from the sensor, and the kicker, which is usually used emergency lights and sirens. Depending on how the sensors are connected to the receiving-control panels, security devices are divided into wired and wireless. There are several types of sensors: sensors glass break – set to the sound of breaking glass, magnet-contact sensor – informs about opening windows and doors, panic button – report on the penetration of protected areas, infrared sensors – record the movement of people in a guarded room.

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