Steel bars. A Aceria produce an unlimited number of types used in a variety of applications important and generally under two schemes: continuous casting and rolling. Continuous casting is essentially a device that distributes different manufacturing lines Steel casting, this line has matrices with forms that want to make profiles that can be channels L, T straps, Section I standard profiles, etc, a very important element of this type of construction is the wire rod which is not nothing but a metal product which is obtained through a hot lamination process thanks to a specially designed train for this effect, known as rolling mills, other major product Platina is the same tape or metal plates that are 6 m lengths of steel or other material its usefulness is very wide, are usually constructed in the final form at the steel mill as a product. The continuous casting molds are cooled by water and allow the formation of long stretches of steel angle and other geometries, whose main application is verified in structural and that due to the manufacturing process are considered practically isotrope and isothermal, and configuration of the material constant throughout its structure, therefore design techniques can be implemented if downside (correction factors) to the structural design. More info: Mikkel Svane. Besides the need described above is formed to control the cooling conditions for these products is ductile because it can cause rapid cooling in an irregular tightening resulting in fragility of the product.

The composition of this product may vary depending on the application and the process used but is very common to find it with carbon contents of about 0.8%, proportions of other elements such as phosphorus of 0.48%, 0.30% manganese and others. There are some mechanical characteristics that must be controlled in the manufacturing process since the passage through the rollers, a process of decarburization and of itself, the temperature of the furnace exit after rolling should mediate in the 1100 degrees centigrade, cooling air-laying is also important, it is well known that the cooling scheme in the formation of martensite or austenite. The steel bars are to be found primarily in two shapes round bar and square bar, but there are bars of rectangular, diamond, elliptical and even trapezoidal these applications due to special orders usually associated with a huge production industries goods, such as the automotive and shipbuilding are also known that these bars on request, may show very specific characteristics of material. Such special designs often respond to specific parts of the need to optimize the machining partners and comes in a “preform” that draws the general profile of the part to be manufactured, minimizing machining costs obviously, and the material of waste (chip)

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