All form of life exerts activity in this direction, however, what it differs the man from the other beings livings creature is, simply, the capacity to project, in its mind, the action before executing it, being that it exerts it instinctively to the animal. Thus: A spider plays operations that if seem the one of a tecelo, and the envergonha bee much architect in the construction of its tenement house. But what he distinguishes the worse architect of the best bee is that the architect appears in the mind its construction before transforming it into reality. In the end of the process of the work it appears a result that already exists before ideally in the imagination of the worker. (BRAVERMAN. 1987.p.49) and still, in accordance with Braverman (1987), when acting on the exterior world and transforming it, the man automatically modifies the nature human being creating the world of the form that we know. Thus the possibilities of deriving social relations of the characteristics of the human work appear. In what he refers to the division of functions, the author displays that, the same ones are observed in the animals and the men, however, in the first ones, they elapse of a biological incitation and in as, of one ' ' infinite variety of functions and divisions of functions on the basis of the attributions of the family, of the group and sociais' ' (Bravermam 1987). Of this form one admits that an idea conceived for a person can be executed by outrem, and to this capacity human being to execute work, work force is called. only ' ' who will be you of the work of others will confuse force of work with any another way to execute a task, because for it, vapor, man or water when it moves mill, is seen as factors of produo' ' (Bravermam 1987).

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