Carrying Out Personnel

(Inspired by the power of now of Eckhart Tolle) Our minds, prodigious tool we could have allied in the conquest of any goal or desire, has become a destructive artifact that attentive constantly against the achievement of those goals, dreams or desires. The internal dialogue of the mind has taken control, due to our false identification with him. To believe that we are that voice thinks unceasingly and tirelessly in our minds, we have drowned the voice of intuition, inner being or as we want to call it and we are being led by a critical dialogue that judges, disqualifying, paralyzes, instills fear and drains the life energy that we need to concentrate on our’s wishes, well-being and self-fulfilment. Many times these ideas by making or undertake something that causes us emotion, have been brought down by listening to that voice that said that it will not work; many changes could be made and didn’t come, because that devastating little voice, she said what, give equal, there is no point (or gives too lazy); How many dreams were left without manifest itself, without even trying because that descalificadora voice felt that we would not be able to reach them! In awareness we deactivate erradicamos the internal predator of our mind, but raise consciousness which is learning to live optimistic, with positive attitude decreeing the good for our lives is a monitoring process of thoughts and emotions that part in knowing what lives, and that critical dialogue of the mind feeds: that negative voice lives on resistance to your current situationWhen fighting it and you oppose what it is, you energizas, so is that to neutralize it is necessary to release all resistance, accepting what you can not change. Accept what is, is not conform, leave and pay attention to what you do not want to concentrate on what really is we need and wish to achieve. .

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