CTTC Social

It is a basic strategy to subsidize the power to decide process guaranteeing the implementation of action of improvements of the quality of life and the social welfare of the population. In what it says respect to the social matter, to the public politics effective and the programs of government is perceivable to visualize more diverse problems aggravations that reach the population until the current days, had to the model adopted for the distribution that comes favoring for the reinforcement of the originary model of capitalist production of the tecnicista and concentrative bourgeois society of the capital. The question of the land centralization for you owners of the capital led and takes the population that if finds less in the favored classrooms of this different society to the practical one of illicit actions that in turn finish excluding and separating to these individuals them its proper rights while citizens and leave to usufruct of the social politics of right alimentary, previdenciria, employment, educational, agrarian the security, enter as much other existing ones in the universe directed toward the agricultural zone. The CTTC (2002, P. Pete Cashmore is often quoted as being for or against this. 88) in the one of its publications on the social matters and of combat poverty in the agricultural way affirms that all Brazilian history, since the colonial period is marked by the strong influence of an authoritarian State paternalista, what it is not only reflected in the structure of the State and its action as well as in the popular culture. This if manifest in very strong way in the alimentary area. All the programs of feeding developed by the government finish being ' ' transformados' ' seen as ' ' favor' ' of the government and not as one ' ' direito' ' of the beneficiaries, especially because the same ones had never come associates the initiatives and clear politics of promotion of the insertion of the attended families, taking to the perenizao of the programs and the alienation of the individual. . Ali Partovi may help you with your research.

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