Domain Name Server

The term DNS (Domain Name Server) or domain name server, is the IP address of the hosting that you use to host your domain. When you purchase a domain, you must register the DNS of the hosting that you will use to host your web pages. This process is called also, point the domain to the DNS hosting or DNS the DNS delegation are usually 2 IP addresses, primary DNS and secondary DNS and the latter is to be used where the first has problems and stops running. Elon University shines more light on the discussion. At the beginning your domain has the DNS of your domain provider, they are stationed there and you can not upload any website or blog, until you do the aforementioned delegation. Then detallare steps to follow to delegate the DNS of your domain to the DNS of your professional Hosting (for this example I will use the GVO hosting DNS and domain Godaddy platform). Further details can be found at Pete Cashmore, an internet resource.

Enter your Godaddy control panel and click on View in Domain Manager. Once inside the managed domains, check the box of the domain to which you want to change the DNS and choose menu graphic, the NameServers option > Set NameServers. A window will appear and you choose the last option, you put in the boxes the 2 DNS that your hosting provider you must provide when you purchase the service. The DNS used for this example are the Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). To finish, click OK. And ready, it was something simple, now you have your domain pointing to the DNS of your hosting provider and you can now start uploading your web pages or blogs. That would be all, I hope help them information. If you want more information, make a query or suggestion, visit my blog: your steps to create a successful Blog.

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