Gummed Envelopes

With the passing of time constant both social and technological renovation has been overshadowing some elements that have given an important direction to history, we are specifically talking about that today is still used but is increasingly being replaced by the Internet more. So in this article show how important the envelopes have been historically. The envelopes are one element made primarily of paper, with the aim of containing an inside letters and other items usually small. The envelopes begin their evolution in the year 4000 BC when the Babylonians see the need for privacy in their correspondence, as a result develop an earthen jar where you put the messages. Later the same began to develop a kind of package done in dry plant tissues, so it can be used several times. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. The first idea of the envelopes was current in France in the seventeenth century when Antoine de Courtin decides to put a paper cover in the correspondences on their way to royalty, with the specific order to the messenger and the recipient of the message. Hence the idea of identifying names and addresses with current cards. Later in the eighteenth century the use of envelopes was a practice that spread across Europe, mainly in the high-born families, according to each family that had a symbol or stamp which marked the envelopes sent this to obtain a social distinction.

In the nineteenth century the use of color and letterheads envelopes became very common among people using the mail. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic. It should be noted that from the fifteenth to the twentieth century the envelopes were sent correspondence method most used in the story. The usefulness of the envelopes has changed somewhat since the advent of the Internet as the delivery of letters and documents current practice on the Internet. Although the delivery of large packages became the leading exponent of the envelopes, since the varying sizes of these opened the door to the next step of the messenger. Currently, the packets are of various kinds.

Some of them such as: Gummed Envelopes: These have a layer which when wet turns into glue. window envelopes: they have a transparent part to see the contents easily. Stickers Envelopes: These have a rubber band when removed readily adhere. We also find colored envelopes but this is mainly on special occasions is proper to note that some companies that make envelopes have a specific color on that set them apart from other companies. Although today the use of envelopes has decreased significantly due to the massive use of Internet, it goes without saying that in some cases such as sending important documents or large, can never be made via Internet, here is a valuable utility on today. It is proper to note that the envelopes were the beginning of the current messaging, as well as the previous record of it will never be surpassed, since the importance lies in the envelopes the privacy they offer.

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