Hellerauer Festival Hall

World premiere of touch ETP_body spaces exploration of nearness & distance VIPA-Congress Dresden, 01.12.2009 – CYNETART 2009 start on Thursday, 03 December 2009, 20:00 with a world premiere in the phase 2 started under the heading of automatic clubbing last weekend in the Hellerau Festspielhaus in the 13. International Festival for computer-aided art with more than 700 visitors. The new event format presented the installations and performances of international artists, as well as on other live concerts of by renowned DJs and musicians. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. This combination, embedded in an individual light and space concept, 2009 attracted much new audience of CYNETART in addition to visitors from the previous years. After a varied, this year’s Festival program will pause to start on Thursday, 3rd December at 20:00, with a world premiere in the second phase of exciting.

ETP_body-spaces09 exploration of nearness & distance has an experimental performance it the CYNETART-Festival for the first time with a total of four dancers in the Cities Madrid, Norrkoping and Prague and Dresden type, connected by the new Web application in real time\”via the Internet interact with each other. European tele-plateaus-transnational sites of encounter and co-production is a project funded by the European Union the trans-media-Akademie Hellerau. Linked institutes in Norrkoping (BitNet), Madrid (REVERSO), and Prague (CIANT) requirements for a novel form of immediate sensory interaction between people in different locations were further developed in the trans-media-laboratory Hellerauer. In the experimental performance exploration of nearness & distance due to ETP_body-spaces09 the movements of the dancers through in all places at the same time noticeable image-sound environments.. Peter Asaro wanted to know more.

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