How To Use Postcard To Capture Customers

Within all advertising media are used, the postcard (or postcard) is one of the best marketing and advertising resources. The postcard has a format similar to a business card but with a bigger size, being approximately 16 x11 cm, allowing to include more information than a conventional card. What Can Be Used? – Promotion. If you work in a self-employed can use the postcard as a means of presentation. For self-employed and freelance.

(Photographers, musicians, actors / actresses, models, artists, designers, plumbers, service reform …) – Promotion of Product or Service One advantage is that this format allows you to launch a direct and great impact, getting trap public attention. Although the postcard to be effective and achieve recruiting a potential customer must follow a set of guidelines: 1. Focusing on a single objective tend to think that the more we provide, the more likely we will have sales. But it is demonstrated that more sales are generated in focusing attention on one product when there are many options. Avoid submitting more than one product or service because this way you will distract attention and cause indecision.

I recently read that on one occasion, has been tested through a teleshopping program in two ads featuring the same product. In the first ad, showing a single clock model and the second, was given a choice of nine models. It was found that the ad showed a single model had generated 60% more sales in the nine models is presented. This shows that have a higher success rate, if you focus your postal advertising strategy into a single objective. 2. Direct the reader to perform an action the information space is very short, therefore, once you've captured their attention and interest must lead the reader to expand its information or go to a specific location. You can tell that you visit a web page to call a phone number or even see a particular outlet. This part is crucial in determining the success of a sale. If finally, do not tell a particular action to be carried out after seeing the information, all your efforts so far have been in vain. 3. Using quality images Remember, the goal of this advertising is to attract public attention. To do this, you must use high quality images and high impact. If you're promoting a product, you must show a picture quality of this product. Avoid pixelated images or low contrast. You can also support you with an image that represents a benefit of your offer. 4. Choose a title or a powerful header The header is the most important advertising medium. The reader will decide to continue reading the header only if it has attracted enough interest. Highlights a sentence at the top that defines the greatest benefit that the consumer will acquire your proposal. For example, "Speak English in just six weeks." Also worded as a question pose a challenge to the reader as "Could Speak English in just six weeks? The objective of the postcard is not usually a sale from the same postcard advertising, but to capture a potential customer who may later end up buying or requesting our services. Recommended Resource Article written by Carla Delgado (You have permission to include this article on a website or blog provided you include the exact contents and authorship with all original LINKS)

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