Human Sciences

The disciplines that study the objeto-objeto relationship, are those who study the biophysical level of the kosmos are physics, biology, geography. These Sciences cannot reach the human subjectivity since the human being is a subject and not an object. 2. Subject-object relationship. It is the relationship between human beings and the natural world.

In this relationship the subject relates to the object to be served on him, is a materialist position. However this relationship should be respect, that is why there is a crisis in our planetary home. Education should not be based neither on this relationship because if not convert to the teacher in the subject and the student in the object and education becomes mechanistic, passive student. The relationship with our planetary home is also deteriorating, we need to establish a new relationship between humans and nature. 3 Ratio sujeto-sujeto: is the human, cultural and significant relationship between people. It is a relationship is expressed where the subjectivity as the passion, values, meanings, love, solidarity, morale, etc.

There is consciousness and language, mutual understanding and establish dialogues. Subjectivity can not be measured and not studied by the physical sciences. The comprehensive learning is based on a relationship sujeto-sujeto, dialogue and understanding are needed and this can only be between human beings. This relationship is the heart of education. We are human beings, subjective, our inner life are values, meanings, intentions, consciousness where objectivity has no place because there are things are events of consciousness that define us as human beings. An education truly comprehensive it is only possible to develop from high levels of awareness, developing all its dimensions, focusing on his spirituality, if not so reduces the human being to a machine and will be forming a predatory consciousness of life, a student who based their success on the failure of others will be alien to human solidarity and social justice.

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