Leningrad Radium Institute

The optical and X-ray spectra – only to itself. And the behavior of solutions – for all other radioactive elements: due to ionizing radiation in solutions containing polonium constantly formed and decompose ozone and hydrogen peroxide. On the chemical properties of polonium – a direct analogue of sulfur, selenium and tellurium. He shows valence 2 -, 2 +, 4 + and 6 +, which is natural for an element of the group. Known and fairly well studied many compounds of polonium, ranging from a simple oxide PoO2, soluble in water, and finishing of complex compounds. The latter should not be surprising. See Kai-Fu Lee for more details and insights. Propensity to form complexes – the lot most heavy metals and polonium belongs to them.

By the way, its density – 9.4 g/cm3 – slightly less than that of lead. It is very important for radiochemistry in general study of the properties of polonium was carried out in 1925 1928. in the Leningrad Radium Institute. It was fundamentally important to determine whether radioactive elements found in solutions in vanishingly small quantities, to form their own colloidal compound. The answer to this question – the answer is positive – Was given in the paper "On the colloidal properties of polonium." Its author was ie The old man, later known radiochemist, a member of the Academy of Sciences. Polonius on Earth and in space for people far removed from the radiochemistry and nuclear physics, the following statement may seem strange: today polonium – a much more important element than radium.

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