MIDI-controller Twinpack

The Omnitronic TMC series offers the right choice with the Omnitronic TMC-1 and TMC-2 introduces two compact USB-MIDI controller Omnitronic provided LE with the powerful software virtual DJ from Atomix productions. The two practical controller can be operated either via USB or a supplied AC adaptor what in live mode protects not only the laptop’s battery life, but also increases the resilience for computer crashes. Both controllers are designed as a handy desktop device to provide an alternative to the widely used controllers for rack installation the user. The TMC-1 Omnitronic aimed at DJs who already call their own, a high-quality audio interface and therefore has no analogue in – and outputs. Despite its affordable price, the TMC-1 has a pleasant feel and is equipped with good potentiometers, sliders, and large wheels to sound manipulation. Samples and effects of supplied software can be selected directly via the numerous controls. The Omnitronic TMC-2 is a All-in one solution, which combines the advantages of the TMC-1 a full-fledged two-channel audio interface with some finesse. So, it is possible to create an external line signal (E.g.

from the iPod) to the case of a computer crash without bridge silence directly on the master. The entrance of the DJ microphone for moderation and announcements is connected directly to the output and so unnecessarily consumes CPU resources. Furthermore, the interface has separately adjustable outputs master, booth, and headphone. The master signal is also additionally on the record output available. Music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntables, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, radio systems. OMNITRONIC opens the doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage, in the rehearsal room or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.

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