Mixed Martial Arts

In reason of this situation, a restricted scene, the JJB exponent estagna in its soft art for understanding to have depleted the growth options, deciding then to search development in other fights of the MMA, justified in the fact to have chosen the Mixed Martial Arts as half of life (profession), is distinguished in this case the evasion of Brazilian practitioners of JJB. However, we still observe some foreigners to mark prominence in the MMA for the JJB, as Frank Mir (the USA), that he finished the legend Rodrigo Minotauro with one technique of JJB (Kimura), by the way, already had speculated to renomear the JJB for ' ' American Jiu Jitsu' ' , perhaps, plus one strategy of marketing, amongst that they appear, in the age of the spectacle of the mixing martial fights. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. 3 – The development of the JJB as martial art of defense is slow, therefore it is become fullfilled in a deep and gradual process of accumulation of knowledge, for then disclosing its to know, all fruit of the interaction of tacit knowledge (practical) and explicit (instruction), this because, for having as essence the soft principle, consists of perceiving the weak point, discovering the exception, the system of the aggressor strongest, as well as on of this creating techniques and strategies that do not depend on the rude force and high physical conditioning, what it consumes years and generations of practitioners. This question, whose nature is of pure competitive intelligence, does not receive an attention adjusted in the JJB, thus, does not obtain to compensate the difficulty of the slowness before the speed of the MMA, has seen still to be a martial art that does not manage its to know with maturity, in contrast to other martial arts that they not only form fighters, but mainly, mentors, schools and in special: apprenticees, meanwhile, the discovery process of the JJB still is structuralized of limited form, only in basic level of esportivas clubs, teams and competitors, where the knowledge is very diffuse and static.

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