Monte Zoncolan

It ended up insisting Rujano, it responded with an incredible facility the winning triple of the Tour and Scarponi, in another attempt to perhaps add to the celebration with the mind more putting in podio of Milan, returned to abrir of legs, that would be said in the jargon. We go, that the sudden acceleration came to him great to the Italian and ended up entering the small group of all the opposition, the one of the bad face of Nibali (Liquigas), the one of the resurrection (finally, although behind schedule) of Menchov (GEOX), the one of the caution of Antn (Euskaltel), the one of a Stream (MoviStar) in its site or the one of we are going to see what passes of Kreuziger (Astan). While, Contador and Rujano to his. together Marchemos. If you help me, I let to you gain, that him could have this Counted r. Vale, but does not forget to me that in the Etna already we remained single in head and you cleared the stickers to me of maillot with the goal in the horizon, would respond the small climber to him. Or something similar, because when triumphant entering goal with the pink wake of stuck Accountant his wheel, one did not see that Rujano had all with himself until it exceeded the very same line of impact.

With the pair doing way when pedalear, determining a rent of average minute and on the rest of favorites to three kilometers for the end, the small group of illustrious was altering its appearance with which they tried to arrive behind and those that they looked for to stand out something. It proved Gadret, the Gaul of slopes of the AG2R, and also Antn, forced by the great work of a Euskaltel that not only threw like a possessed person to avoid crazy differences with a numerous flight that had come leading the stage before the last port, but his Mikel companion the Snow, most shining, was the one in charge of the first great selection of the group of favorites when this one pedaleaba to about 15 kilometers of the end. Beyond those changes, no serious mutation. And much serious face, defeated. A lost psychological war.

And this Saturday arrives the feared one, criticizing, vilipendiada and questioning stage of Monte Zoncolan. A day where the final wall, those ten kilometers to a pending average of 11% and ends of 22%, has happened to background through the previous port, Monte Crostis. Giro returned to insist on which the Crostis will go yes or yes, that the implemented safety measures in their section without asphalting and its close and abysmal reduction are sufficient for the passage of the race. Turned into a myth even before making debut in competition, the Crostis, that of ascent Mortirolo is another wall in plan and further on, waits to a race in which a man has everything of face to prevail.

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