Nobel Peace Prize

Especially on the American continent remain the consequences of climate change does not go unnoticed. Immigrants, who operate a hotel in Costa Rica, Guanacaste, and already more than 15 years living there, tell of a significant change in the wet and dry seasons. Thus, the rainy season ended abruptly before the end of October. Today, it is not rare that there is also the beginning of the year Rain comes. The question of a solution imposes itself again and again, when looking at the facts leads on the impact of climate change in mind. Many discussions, including during the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, did not provide direct solutions, even when one is aware of the situation and not the efforts be avoided.

Costa Rica is led by ambitious goals. President Oscar Arias Sanchez verkundetete that Costa Rica in 2021 should be a CO2-neutral country. This will be achieved from the closure of coal power plants and the promotion of cars with hybrid drive. The issue of agricultural and industrial sector is to be reduced. The small Latin American country is becoming more of today four fifths of its energy from hydropower. Furthermore, more than one half of the country is covered with forest, which makes it possible to bind carbon from the air. A quarter of that area is under protection, many parts of which are located in Guanacaste, in northwestern Costa Rica. More news is on to find the site news from Costa Rica.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias Sanchez developed recently an agenda with the names peace with nature , the world’s most complete set of emissions of carbon, a merger all CO2-neutral States, further measures for the protection of primary forest in South and Central America, and a debt relief for the Environment in the Third World countries provide. This will enforce the President together. The efforts on climate change make the small country of Costa Rica a model for the whole world. By such a purpose and through a collaboration of all nations to climate change can be stopped.

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