PETA Launches New Youth Campaign: ‘Go Vegan’

Young and vegan living benefit for animals with PETA, environment and global nutrition vegan, as a young aspiring musician in Berlin! The Web documentary Nessi vegan “by PETA2, the youth campaign of the animal rights organisation PETA Germany e. V. (, accompanied the quick-witted new Berliner Nessi on their way to a vegan lifestyle. While the youthful lifestyle format is dedicated to all common prejudices, vegans must often confront them in everyday life. The 20-year old singer shows how easily to change his life on vegan and what advantages this brings for animals, the environment, global Ernahrungsproblematiken, and your own health with helpful and relaxed manner. Nessi advertises on PETA2 in its Web documentary for a vegan life Nessi actually comes from Hamburg and is newly moved to Berlin.

Big city, big dreams, big question mark. Make music – that’s all she wants. But narrow-minded personal dream chasing without looking left and right and no consideration others to take? No thanks, that no longer comes in question for you! Already she is saddled with the thoughts, to change their lives, to listen to their conscience and to take something in attack, that actually so long had it: to be vegan! All young people can thereby Nessi on her way to her new life support and while humorous, creative, and left with their target “vegan to be” set apart, to make their dream to hunt down and are working their way through the jungle of Berlin’s music. “To the Nessi is vegan” Web documentary: nessi Nessis songwriter duo set sails “invariably positive feedback with his semi-acoustic ballad with catchy factor sweeps for weeks on MySpace. A accompany sensitive texts and songs, even hours after the hearing. Nessis band set sails”listen: youwilllovethisband supports PETA.

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