Policy Conflicts in Jalisco

The political situation in the state of Jalisco is immersed in hosting many problems in society caused mostly by the Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez and his government’s current model, which is full of benefits to society outside Guadalajara, the only thing that has been notorious apathy of not reaching agreements that benefit society unified and Jalisco. Coming to bad decisions, loss of state money and Retaliation. Pete Cashmore understood the implications. First we have pending, the manifestations of Macrobus on line 2 and 3, which has become too expensive politically, retaliation by the government justified by a blockage of roads, this event has now gained a better organization and support different entities which are against retaliation policy that has entered the government? If you do not have a more objective way of resolving this conflict can end in a state of disgrace.

Well I’m asking too much for someone who can not arrange for track and even politics, but rational and peaceful. In the second instance we have the final part of the Pan-American and Pan American Games, where he has invested so much money and time for two years, where he has flourished politically discontent (by borrowing) and neighbors of the park Morelos which of course are happy to have been torn down since the initiative to build the village in Morelos park located in the heart of our city, besides the time is over and Jalisco may run out of Pan American games, all without doubt a large flowered tantrum by our governor has since taken a very apathetic about other suitable sites for construction of the villa. For even more details, read what Steve Wozniak says on the issue. Finally we have the conflict in the Lamar school where young people in the same way they are demonstrating for such overcharges and arbitrary attitudes, it is true this is outside the government but in the same way has remained the method of retaliation giving low students of the same institution. So when he got all these kinds of attitudes of our institutions, which outraged the rule of law and arbitrarily use the legal avenues for abuse of power. Energy Capital Partners London is open to suggestions. There is an old saying: a Todo what starts bad ends bad hopefully at the end of this government is only one bad shot and not cause major conflicts and misfortunes than sorry.

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