Introduction the following research project has as main purpose know what are the few or multiple distractors that exposed the students of the third semester of the specialty of clinical laboratory on a campus of higher average education of the municipality of La Piedad, Michoacan, and that, in a very particular way are influencing the low achievement and performance in the field of parasitological techniques. Knowing the distractors can be didactic measures to prevent them or reduce them, in the same way that will guide the design of strategies to take advantage of the topics of interest of groups for the benefit of the achievement of objectives that are intended to achieve in the course. To this end proposes a descriptive quantitative research design. Approach the problem from a year ago, when by the conditions and needs of the campus and the retirement of a homeroom teacher of matter there were changes and they were reflected in the little interest shown by the students by techniques matter Parasitic. Question of research are what factors distract policy-makers that some students of the third semester of clinical laboratory presented disinterest by developing techniques parasitological matter? Objectives. General objective.

Knowing main distractors by which some students show lack of interest by the matter of parasitological techniques at a public school in the high school level in the municipality of La Piedad, Michoacan. Specific objectives. 1 Understand the main activities that provoke interest students under investigation. 2 Know the students perceptions about their own education and the role of the school. Theoretical framework. Piaget argued that human beings need to meet basic needs for comprehensive development: physiological: breathing, feeding, rest.

Security physical, family. Affiliation: Friendship, love Recognition: Auto knowledge, acceptance, trust, respect and success. Self-realization: Creativity, problem solving, freedom, spontaneity, acceptance of facts, to critique. If these basic needs, it will have taken a giant step in education.

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