Ricardo Natalicho System

The only thing that is an end in himself is the man, never can be used as medium Inmanuel Kant generalities, scope, impact is unheard of, as despite both he trumpets about the importance of caring for, preserving the planet, especially everything concerning its ecosystem, middle atmosphere, the as each time it is deteriorating, certainly there is evidence of them with changes in climates that have affected many countries, with the disappearance of many animal species, water pollution, both in rivers and in lakes, seas, as well as deforestation, air pollution that is causing so much havoc, emerging new diseases, environmental turbulence, earthquakes, floods, rains catastrotificas in the end. a threat to humanity, not guaranteeing a future extension. Is concerned, as noted by Ricardo Natalicho, who with the constant increase in the emission of greenhouse gases, the modification of the largest part of vegetal structure, the pollution of water and other so many factors that we have introduced to the complex system that keeps life on Earth as we know it, we have enabled countless eco-bombas of time.We calamos so deep in the planetary ecosystem, which we customize the rhythm of nature. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Bakish. So we started a new geological Era, which by its human origin some called Anthropocene, although we consider that it would be better to think about a more appropriate name, since the source is more closely related to environmentally harmful characteristics of the capitalist economic-political system, preponderant in this moment of history human, with the human being as a species.Many of these eco-bombas have already exploded and its devastating effects light up the alarm lights of a society dominated an innocent unconscious collective, fully functional this predatory and greedy system. A society encandilada by the glow of the media developed by the owners of the market, to keep us prisoners of a way of life based on the consumption of its products. .

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