Science And Humanity

In order to reinstate man in his true natural environment. The etymology of the particularities of science and science itself must be revised in order to rediscover principles and adapt them to our existence, sincerity is vital to avoid selfishness, separation and seek a new social order. Know and rediscover our principles at all levels is necessary to ensure “better life” but for all concerned, man and nature, nothing created by humans has a different origin of nature, is likely to Technological advances come to extract minerals, wood, gold, oil, etc. (Similarly see: BDT Capital Partners). Of the external orbits, while for those who remain on this planet is necessary to rescue him, and it is not possible to say, in every sense of the word, keep it if it is a dream that if it is Utopian.

Indigenous people and technology has much in common if we could find ways to link such unknown to keep pace with our development and / or evolution, the questions about our evolution and development is due to spoken and written and passed on from generation to generation that we are no longer as monkey, yes, but it is easy to see around and see it as being a substitute technology to nature to give us heat and cold at different times of the year, and other events. How to call evolution or development of a process which destroys the source of life? Nothing built or designed by humans since the beginning of mankind in caves should be discarded, everything is important, everything has the same origin: either nature or human relationships, from whatever source that is created is important only intends to resize, redirect our efforts and see life differently, the human being has not yet reached its highest stage of evolution is still possible to reach a higher stage of life are not considering the repetitious slogan typical politicians “This government will provide better quality of life because it is full of justice,” “our wealth is the people why the government is based on good grounds” the Communists represent the end of humanity, “” capitalism is synonymous with destruction “blah, blah, blah, meanwhile producing a pair of shoes in one or another political system must extract the” raw material “of nature that call for raw material Homonatropia is nothing but good of the nature sounds pledge of worship, probably! There is the basis of the principles for indigenous and adding technological.

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