Selling Paints

Before proposing the sale of paints, it is necessary to investigate the needs and specifics of the client. Sandra Akmansoy usually is spot on. What is important is not so much the sale of certain characteristics of colors, but rather the use of paint technology materials. It is best to use ready-made solution, ie the full range of lacquers and paints in the aggregate. Through the use of technologies ready to high-quality paints it becomes profitable for the company. The organization does not spend additional funds for consulting, selection of materials, and gets it all together. The sale process starts with the selection of colors paints. For kazhzhdogo mode of transport: water, air, rail traffic, road transport – chosen your type of lacquer painting materials. Paint for sale must meet the requirements of the customer.

A few tips on the process of painting and surface preparation for painting: The painting must decide whether to remove the previous coating, or it can simply be repaired. Recovery is possible only if there is a slight on the surface amount of rust. If the earlier application of paint flaking, it must be removed. The surface is cleaned, sanded, primed, and then applied a coat of paint. If the surface is covered with rust enough much, or flaking paint is very active, then the old coating must be removed. The cost of properly carried out by painting will be much lower than at constant applied composition, the constant touching up. Paint the car: a few interesting moments Vehicle color affects traffic safety. According to the statistics of accidents, collisions of cars on the proportion of dark colors have 61.3% of cases, with dark light – 32.6% of cases, and bright with light – only 6.1% As of visibility on the road, the darker colors are more dangerous: black, dark gray, green, particularly brown blend with the environment and in poor visibility literally invisible on the road

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