Separate Impossible: Mix-pipe Tube Provides For Ten Years For Forage Quality

An efficient feeding technology is a core component of modern pig farming. Here, it is crucial that the consistency of liquid feed also in complex pipe systems remains the same, so that the feed components cannot separate themselves. It comes to the dreaded separation and sedimentation, operators of large computerized Flussigfutterungs facilities would lose a part of their efficiency. Perhaps check out Marc Mathieu for more information. The reason: The formerly homogeneous feed comes in its individual components of water and feed on the dispensing valve, clogged nozzles and can not more animal individually from be dosed. This cause deposits that slow down the entire feed flow. In the worst case, it comes even to the thrombosis and an attack on the feed line. At the end, getting the animals in quality and quantity administered very different feed rations and not uniformly grow. The developers of Weda Dammann & Westerkamp reacted to these circumstances ten years ago with the patented mix-pipe tube.

The basic idea was simple; the effect of is great to this day: A continuous spiral profile on the inside wall of the conveyor tubes can rotate the feed mixture into a rotary motion through the line. The positive consequence of the constant motion of spiral: The feed mix remains the same and the individually planned quantity of feed can be fed to all animals. This idea of Weda CEO Franz-Josef Sextro was it also consequently awarded in 2004 with the DLG – gold medal. Good ideas are sustainable and so this development is considered today innovation; not only because it effectively solves the problem. The approach therefore still because he fit into the times of agricultural structure change and is equally suitable for different company sizes. We recognize also because promising innovations, that they be not only bought, but also taken over. Our mix-pipe tube plays well not only with our customers but is built into their systems some of the competition,”underlines WEDA Development Manager Ralf Meyer. According to Meyer there is in diver- “sen stalls but still potential for optimization, because until today are integrated the components often only at certain intervals in the feed lines: and a segregation can be prevented as not reliable”, Meyer is safe. The advantages of the mix-pipe tube at a glance: – when flowing through the pipe the feed mixture is mixed continuously – off dosing of liquid feed with almost same dry matter content of each valve guaranteed – mix-pipe caused no additional resistance – no pipe obstructions fitted through sedimentation – inside with spiral structure in the form of an approximately 10 mm high lip. Behind the lip no dead space”, in which dirt may – settle mix-pipe is 63, 50, 40 or 32 mm PVC pipe in diameters available, so for virtually any size of plant.

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