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Mobile Internet flat rate comparison compares the cheapest deals in mobile flat rate March 2012 since 2008 the mobile Internet flat rates in Germany. This will allow over the cellular network via mobile phone and other devices, such as laptop Internet access with download rates of up to 100 MB / s. However, the most mobile Internet flats are available with up to 7.2 MB / s. It is however to take into account that all mobile Internet flats in Germany with a monthly limit are provided. This means that the upload and download speed on GPRS (maximum 56 kBit / s) is reduced from a certain volume of monthly data. As a result it has as long as it reaches the limit not an Internet flat rate with maximum available speed.

But then, exceeding the monthly limit, this is significantly slower for the rest of the month. Following the installation, which in March 2012, the cheapest flats of mobile data to use with the laptop are: average price per month is considered as comparison criteria. Which is the sum of Basic fee, shipping, credit and connection fee in relation to an approved total period of 24 months. The best 500 MB data flat there for an average 8.99 monthly at maxxim, almost SIM, simply, Royal and disco surf surf. This network uses the Vodafone SIM almost. The other 4 providers are realized in the o2 network.

All five offers are month’s notice. A data limit of 1 GB, Simyo is flat for an average of 9.90 with the Internet optimum monthly preferred. The required SIM card Simyo cost 4.90 and contains 5 sign-up bonus. The tariff is each month’s notice. The offer in the eplus network is realized. Would you intensively use the Internet, an offer with a data limit of 5 GB worth. One finds the most advantageous tender fastSIM for an average of 12.95 monthly with a duration of 24 months. Depending on the request, offering in the Telecom or Vodafone is available network. In addition to the fares, which may also be used with the laptop, there are mobile Internet tariffs Use only with the mobile or Smartphone are allowed. An overview of mobile Internet flats for laptop and mobile for mobile Internet, see our comparison generally when a mobile Internet flat rate is always to check how long the respective month price is. Since some offers the price increases after the expiry of the minimum term or after 24 months. Contact: mobile Flatrate Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel.: 0341-3527589 Web: E-Mail: brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website independent specially reported on the development of the mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers the operator and a variety of other service providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop, lock in the cell phones without contract and SIM are available.

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