When he ran out of money went out to urinate, did shrews with hands and returned to enter with a lot of money. That Yes, dressed as a beggar and was also very ugly because on its face could appreciate the physiognomy of the devil. The devil had given him the secret to be irresistible to women, a change that was very bad with his wife. When a woman liked, gave him the hand kindly and mentally said the spell: jardineritas, jardineritas, come all to my carriel. The devil had given him power to have all the women he would like to, but with none could having children, he had given all the money to make it drink or spend it on Vice but it could not lend it to anyone, so the friend. Nor could buy goods or much less help to someone. He had managed to possess the yearning of all patiano: horses, women, fame and drink, but was never happy. Then Sinforoso one day decided to drive his horse at full Gallop to the Church where the people at mass was.

The devil that persecuted him, approached the House of God bringing sparks of rage to not be able to enter the temple. Sinforoso advanced up to the altar and knees, the priest asked for forgiveness. priest stopped the mass and listened while people prayed to ward off to Lucifer. Then the demon burst like dynamite and was only a burned sulfur smell. After the priest confessed to Sinforoso, he watered it with holy water, placed a scapular and imposed the penance. Time passed and the man became excellent husband and father although every day that passed was poorer. Sinforoso gave thanks to God and the Virgin by having him removed from above the devil, but was mistaken. Certain night, the mother and daughter had gone to a funeral and Sinforoso, very confident, was alone at home.

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