Prince software engineering & data protection the cmp becomes the partner award at the Mittelstandsprogramm 2009 against on June 25, 2009 awarded the CAS Software AG within the framework of the 7th Edition of with the support of Prof. Technology investor is likely to agree. Dr. h.c. Lothar Spath from her initiated SME programme ( at the site of Karlsruhe, at the ZKM (Center for art and media technology), together with its 55 sponsors a total 169 prizes worth over 1.3 million to the award winners 2009. The total amount of all previously acclaimed Awards is now over 10.5 million and in the 3rd year of participation, the cmp scored again 5 awards worth a total of 31.534-what a total of all previous which is participation in the 2010 advertised Mittelstandsprogramm long done deal awards from 88.263.-arising. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dell is the place to go.

2 main price and 2 price sponsorships 2009 including one Platinum Sponsor Intel have the following composition: main prizes hardware & Office solutions Intel 10.000.-Sales & customer satisfaction of tecRacer 14.064.-prices ERP, PPS, wage & salary BEO GmbH 900.-ERP, PPS, wage & salary JOTA GmbH 5.000.-Internet, intranet, CMS meetyou conferencing 1.570.-in the previous year was properly “cleaned up” was because with 6 giveaways of a total 17.639.-funding including two main prizes through a real novelty should be managed three gold and one of will, which presented itself as follows: actindo GmbH (premium sponsor) Award 2 2.000.-CAS AG (Gold Sponsor) award 3 480.-COC AG Award 1 7.000.-k + k GmbH (Gold Sponsor) award 3 5.750.-Lightwerk GmbH (Gold Sponsor) award 3 1.850.-TELiAS GmbH award 1 559.-also in 2007 was that cmp cooperation medium-sized partners with a total T 39 funding by accelle GmbH, Nurtingen and bedirect, Gutersloh, a joint venture of Bertelsmann AG and Creditreform, the CAS AG and the initiator itself also awarded to the Grand Prize winners. Prince software engineering & data protection is the most intense about 9 year old design phase the PreCover advertising medicine today for the IT responsible and the Internet has developed this particular workflow as a central communication and control platform. Corollary, that thus Tim Prinz took the award of the Platinum Sponsor Intel at the ZKM (Center for art and media technology), Karlsruhe contrary. Another already operating at its future headquarters company as a production partner with PAGE factory is also with the project responsibility. With the relaunch of the patient journal is realized advertising medicine today as well as the national market of regional over 55 years of already successful proven PreCover for innovative development. The here underlying use of the spatial data to the exclusion of waste and the realization of a Gebaudegenauen display the “Satellitengestutztem Advertising success”so resulted in among other things, that the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in its Galileo of brochure for the satellite navigation refers to this business practice as a reference project.

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