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Pontifical Council

In some countries, as in the Czech Republic, the practice Sunday did not arrive to 3 per cent, data that was also repeated in other countries of Western Europe. The wonderful temples that mark Europe’s architectural unity are largely empty, so far as that in Holland, churches that are now used as mosques have been […]

European Court

The verdict creates a false and misleading situation that will enable a lacking any believer conception scenario, but not, however, free of other anti-religious philosophies from comparable ethical impact, aimed at triggering the Elimination of consciences. A position that is being encouraged by powerful sectors with extraordinary power of the media, interested in shaping the […]

The Noblest

The objective of my article, it is to bring back to consciousness to that has the opportunity to read to me, of the value that has all human life; of the decisive and noble role that the woman in the transmission of the existence plays; to bring back to consciousness it of which, to who […]